2022 - н.в.
Tikhonov Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics/School of Applied Mathematics

- Management of the project team solving Computer Vision related problems
- Consulting on DL

2020 - н.в.
Faculty of Physics M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University

course: "Neural networks and their application in scientific” research". https://msu.ai/

Computer vision software engineer

Developing Machine Learning models for Computer Vision.

2019 - н.в.
Senior lecturer
HSE University. Faculty of Computer Science/School of Software Engineering

research seminar “Computer Vision Technology”

2017 - 2020
Software developer

Development of information disclosure system for managing organizations (ais24.ru)

2011 - 2016
HSE.University. Business computer science Faculty/ Department of Management and Software Development.

courses “Algorithms and data structures” and “Software Testing and Verification”.

2007 - 2012
founder, CEO

Besides administrative work, I am engaged in creation WEB of projects: www.4x4typ.ru, www.extremetyre.ru , www.4x4drive.ru.

1999 - 2007
Software developer
Institute of New Technologies (INT), Moscow.

Working on children's training environments of family "Pervo-Logo".

1997 - 1998 Software developer

Greating applications for Windows and web interfaces to them based on Microsoft products.